Tarot Card Final Project

Hello everyone! I would like to share with you my final project for General Illustration 2. This project had to do with designing or redesigning a tarot card.

Devil Tarot Card

I chose to redesign The Devil tarot card because it is associated with my astrological sign which is a Capricorn. I decided to draw myself as the devil since the card description fits parts of my personality. The Devil card is said to represent temptation, addiction, obsession, desire, inner demons, mental health issues, enslavement to something, and having power in the material world as well as having physical pleasures. However, when this card is downward, it means that you are breaking away from your restraints, gaining freedom, and reclaiming power. So, I drew myself as the devil in a red dress and put horns a top my head. I also put the pitchfork that the devil has in the background and decided to keep the background a solid color so it wouldn’t distract. I also added chains because this card represents bondage to certain pleasures or troubles in life so I represented that with chains on each corner.

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