Genesis: Art Through the Ages

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OPENING RECEPTION March 16th @ 7:30pm | Kresge Gallery, Insalaco Building

EXHIBITION DATES March 16th through April 2nd, 2016

ADMISSION Free to everyone, Details on Facebook

Formal event, including free food

Genesis: Art Through the Ages is a Student Exhibit featuring Graphic Design majors Emmanuel Adjei, Jake Santos and Zach Johnson-Medland, Illustration major Eric Bussart, and Art Therapy major Jamie Bamberger.

This exhibition is based on the idea that “art is one big transition.” All artists included in on this project collaborated their ideas and skills to create a show that puts art into the perspective of the most basic human experiences in a way that allows the viewer to access their senses. They each incorporated ideas from all the various phases, forms, and styles of art throughout time. This show intends to depict art from the past, present, and future, emphasizing the beauty of process and transition in totality.

Genesis will include a large mural showing the transition of art, emphasizing different parts of art history throughout the piece. There will also be another typographic piece, and the rest of the walls will include black and white minimalist color toned personal pieces by the individual artists.

It is actually pretty awesome that these students took it upon themselves to create such a unified show and collaborate ideas with one another to showcase each of their works towards one theme. So if you can, try your best to check out this gallery showing and support your own peers. Also, there shouldn’t be any excuse NOT to go because there will be both free food and free admission!

Images courtesy of the Artists of Genesis. For further information about this event contact Professor Sue Jenkins at

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