The Abroad Experience

You can’t get any more off campus that studying abroad in a different country. The studying abroad programs here at Marywood University are amazing and those interested in taking classes for a semester, over break, or during the summer should definitely take a look into it. For art majors, you can choose to study anywhere that you would like and the professors are very willing to help you in whatever destination you choose!

Since I am unable to study abroad for my own reasons, I live vicariously through those who have already experienced being abroad. Right now one of our fellow bloggers Ty Mah is studying abroad in Florence, Italy for this spring semester and I have been keeping up with his weekly posts which are always fun to read!

Another one of our bloggers studied abroad in London this past fall semester, Gabby Creazzo, who like me is a graphic design major. It was cool to read through her posts on the blog when she was over there but then it was extra amazing when she got back and she was telling us about her experience and showing us the artwork that she made over there.

Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity and everyone should go and read Ty and Gabby’s blog posts as well as going to our Study Abroad page to check out comments from other art students who have studied abroad!

To learn more about study abroad opportunities for art majors at Marywood University, visit the Department of Visual Arts Study Abroad page.

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