Strong Foundation

Another graduate program, another interview. Even after all the practice interviews, the constant research for common interview questions, or the many opinions of what would make the better interview outfit, I feel the same amount of nervous feelings even after all of the preparation. I feel that I wouldn’t be this nervous if it was something that I was not as passionate about. But I want this. I want truly want to pursue a graduate degree in art therapy and enhance my chances of making this practice into my career. I strongly want to be part of this field.

Despite the anxiety, the constant over-thinking, and the nerves that come along with this application process I am glad I still have something. And that something is the strong foundation I have gained from Marywood’s art therapy program. I feel that I have an advantage due to my choice of pursuing an undergraduate degree in art therapy. I believe that as a result of this decision I was able to ground myself in a strong foundation of an introductory understanding of the field of art therapy. I am happy to have this because it provides a comfort that I didn’t know I had until going through this application process for graduate school.

I am glad to be pursuing the next step to further develop myself as a future art therapist and to carry out the foundation experience I have gained at Marywood in whichever new program I become a part of.

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