Logo Fun!

This past week has been a roller coaster of midterms, projects, and new opportunities. I cannot believe how fast the semester is going and how much there is to still look forward to before the semester is over. I am so excited because last week my Interactive Design II class and the CMYKlub got presented with two awesome logo opportunities. My design class is going to help out the Pocono Forest and Water Conservation Landscape by creating a logo for them. Each of us will fully develop one logo and present it to our client, then they will pick their favorite logo. It was so cool to meet with a client, take notes, and ask them questions about what they are looking for. Now, we are all going to start developing ideas for their logo.

Also, the CMYKlub is going to work with the Scranton Rail Riders (our AAA baseball team) to possibly be making a logo for one of their events. It will be exciting to work with such a well -known client and hopefully to make some connections.

It’s been so exciting to start doing design work outside of our school work to get even more experience. Not only is it a lot of fun, but it will help build our confidence for going out into the world of design!

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