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Europe Rant

I miss the convenience of things in the states. Here in Florence trying to get anything done takes some coordination. Italians are very good at improvising, so they don’t need the convenience of our big shopping malls or stores. Which makes things very hard for Americans when we are used to having those conveniences. Well, my digital camera has some dust spots on the sensor and every camera shop I go too tells me to go to the previous one I was just at. So I end up back at one of the first stores I visited. While browsing this store I look on the shelf and I see the brushes to clean the sensor. All that traveling to find them back where I started, SMH. Well at least I got some good exercise in.

As I write this there is a thunderstorm complete with pouring rain and hail. Not great photography weather! It is spring break at SACI and my original plans got changed at the last minute so no crazy travel plans for me. This week I just had been exploring more of the things around Florence. I went and did some night shooting along the Arno River. Florence is a totally different creature in the dark. I think I had one good day of sunshine this week; the rest has been a rainy mess.

Well because of all the rain I have watched all my movies I had stored on my Hard Drive. I will have to come up with some other ways of amusing myself on rainy days.

On one of my adventures around the city I found these circus type performers, juggling in the street, so I took a few shots of them and the one girl gave me her card, and from what I can guess she said was she wanted me to email her the photos. So I sent the photographs in an email. I asked them if I could shoot them again, but I don’t think they understand English. Fingers crossed.

Weekly quote~

Impression is not enough. Design, style, technique – these, too, are not enough. Art must reach further than impression or self-revelation. ― Ansel Adams

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