If You Are Looking For Inspiration…

This past week, I spent some time down the shore in Ocean City, New Jersey. I got to take a break from my job and from art and relax a little on the beach.

So instead of writing about what I have been up to this week, I have decided to compile a list of creative things that you could do this summer to spark an idea or to get your creative juices flowing.

-Tie-dye some old t-shirts. (Or blankets, socks, or scrunchies)

-Collect seashells and paint them or string them together to make jewelry.

-Find items in nature that could be turned into pieces of art, such as making a weave on some sticks.

-Make a list of ideas for your sketchbook, cut up the ideas and put them in a jar to be picked out at random.

-Try to create your own still life and draw or paint it without taking any pictures.

-Learn how to make watercolors from flower petals. (Youtube and Pinterest have some helpful tutorials)

-Dig through your garage for some sidewalk chalk and make a driveway masterpiece.

-Try to draw your hands using your feet or draw your feet using your hands. (Yes, this was an actual assignment I received my senior year of high school.)

-Paint some flower pots and plant new things inside.

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