Recent Sketchbook Drawings

In my free time, I like to sketch and as of recently, especially in ball point pen. All of my drawings are done either from imagination or from photographs. I am not aiming to do anything in particular, but I have found that this method has allowed me to experiment a bit and find new things to draw.

The photos below were a few taken from my sketchbook from roughly a month of drawing. I will be drawing more; to keep practicing.


Numerous Drawings


Grandfather vs. Heavy Bag


Arnold Palmer and Child


Chairman of the Board


Rodney Dangerfield, Don Rickles, and Rocky Graziano


Men Working, 20th Century


Self Portrait Caricature

I took a few things away from looking at my recent drawings.

  1. Attempt to shuffle my figures a bit
    1. Try different subjects doing different actions
      1. I like the old school industrial workers, so I will sketch more of them
  2. Experiment with my style for caricatures
    1. How much can I push the limits of the likeness?
      1. Who else can I draw?
        1. From life?
  3. Continue with the ballpoint pen
    1. Work more with cross-hatching and other shading techniques
      1. Different colored inks?

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