“Is This Living Free”

Lately, I have been feeling really positive about the things I have been creating. I transitioned from canvas to drawing paper, not only for the reason I ran out of canvases recently, but because my ideas felt suited for drawing paper. I recently wrapped up this piece a couple of days ago:

"Is This Living Free"

“Is this living free” | Mixed Media: Acrylic Paint, Newspaper, Pastels, Sharpie | 18×24 Inches

This is something completely out of my territory and completely new. I would definitely consider this an experimental piece!

My initial idea started with “is this living free”, which is a line from one of my favorite bands, Twenty One Pilots. For me, I feel I perceive their songs much differently. I feel there is always some sort of “hidden message” that can relate to my life some how. However, I specifically chose these lyrics because of my concept I imagined. I knew I wanted to incorporate newspaper before I even knew if I had any. Luckily, I found some but they were all from March of 2016, which lead me to another halt. Are these papers up to date, will they meet the criteria I was aiming for? Once again, I was very lucky and found exactly what I was looking for! I wanted headlines about issues and topics in our world today that generally would provoke conversation. I do want to mention how interesting it is to see how little changed from March 2016.

This piece is something I never thought I could create or even want to create. I consider this piece political and politics is something I try not to get myself into. I feel I am not educated to the fullest in that department. I simply see these topics, these headlines and think to myself. Is this really living free? If so, why do I feel so trapped? So controlled?


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