Pitcher Time

Hi everyone! So the semester is back and in full swing, and I got into the studio this weekend since I didn’t have any homework yet! I was so excited to get back on the wheel, but I’m in a bit of a rut, I have no idea what to make. Last semester I focused mostly on mugs, because I had so many requests for them. With that being said, I haven’t thrown anything over 1-2 lb. in a while. So I wedged up about four pounds, and let the clay decide what it wanted to be!

Well, the clay decided it wanted to be a pitcher. Pitchers are a classic ceramic form, and always useful in the kitchen. I’ve made four in total now, they aren’t my go to form, but when finished I think they always come out beautiful. I’m already thinking about glazes for this piece. Pitchers generally have a shoulder and a neck, so that’s the form I made. I think this is a form I would like to explore more throughout the semester, since it’s such a classic form. I still have to trim the pitcher, just to remove a little extra weight from the bottom, which is especially important for pitchers. A pitcher should be fairly light considering it will hold liquid and is poured, no one wants to try and pour from a pitcher that weighs a lot. I made a time-lapse video of me throwing the pitcher too; this always helps me improve my throwing techniques. So sometime this week I’ll put a handle on this baby and get it in the kiln!

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