What I’m Looking Forward To

The first week of classes have begun and with it a lot of work. It’s difficult to adjust back to a school schedule right after a month off from school. So I’m trying to motivate myself with things that I’m looking forward to learning.

I’m a junior now and before I know it I’ll be graduating so I want to try and fit in as much as I can before then. This semester I’m taking Sculpture III, Jewelry III, and Art History II. I’m definitely excited for my art classes because I really want to focus on casting. As for Art History II I’m not yet a big fan because it was never my best subject.

I hope to make some cool pieces of art this semester and learn new techniques. I would like to work with glass along with bronze. Welding is a technique I definitely want to learn but am slightly afraid of because I might mess up. I hope to work on that so I can become better in my field. Pushing to better is so important for a student in any major. So good luck to people starting classes this week!

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