This first week back at school I have started taking basic printmaking which is made up of so many different parts. The types of printmaking seem endless because there is so much you can do with it.

For our first project we are doing kind of print where you carve into a linoleum block and then cover it with ink to send through the press. To start off with I used a thin sharpie to draw on my linoleum block with the design I had. You can do this by directly drawing on the block or you can draw it on transfer paper first and then move it over once it is finalized. For the carving tool, we were given a variety of different carving tips. These tips are the metal pieces that go on the end of the carving tool, each with a unique carving ability. Something to note when making a print is that whatever you carve into it will be the reverse when you go to print it.

For my print I decided to make an octopus underwater. I then carved out dots where the sand would be at the bottom. I carved out the water which would be the negative space when going to print it. If a print is made and you do not like the way it looks you can always go back and re carve into it to be printed again.

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