Hi everybody, this week I wanted to talk about an insane artist I found. He has his first solo show running until August 27th at Arch Enemy Arts in Philadelphia. The title of the exhibit is “From the Eternal Green Mouth”.

From what I’ve seen of Jacobi’s work through Instagram and Arch Enemy’s website, the colors are lush and dark and creates really atmospheric settings. The gallery’s website wrote that “Arch Enemy is proud to present the first solo collection from Jesse Jacobi, From The Eternal Green Mouth overarching theme present in From The Eternal Green Mouth is the cyclical nature of existence, and the coming-together and pulling-apart of opposite aspects of being, to dig further into the intuitive core of some of Jesse’s previous work, and attempt to create a series that feels more universally relatable. These pieces operate in broad, open-ended symbolism as opposed to a straight narrative, to be looked at from different angles, dependent on the viewer – psychologically, emotionally, mythologically, even ecologically. The figures can be taken at face-value as different entities, or they could all be aspects of one”.

I really hope to see his work in person before the exhibit is taken down.The paintings are also a pretty decent size and there’s a lot of detail work to consider. If you want to read more and see more of Jacobi’s artwork, here’s the link to Arch Enemy’s website The link to his Instagram page is . I really encourage checking this guys work out and I hope everyone has a great week!

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