Just Smashing!

This week in my Interactive Design class with Sue Jenkins, my class was presented with one of the biggest design challenges we have ever been given. We were tasked with creating two versions of a desktop wall paper for Smashing Magazine’s May wallpaper contest. To enter, each student had to create a desktop wallpaper without a calendar, and with a calendar. There was one catch however, Sue had us create the desktop for all of the resolutions that was listed on Smashing’s website. In total, we created 40 desktop wallpapers! It was a tedious task that took a lot of fine tuning, however the end product was worth it!

Our students created some amazing pieces, and I am proud to announce that we had MULTIPLE winners in our class! The winners are Sarah Masucci, Samantha Strausser, Alexander Jubinski, Olivia (Goleneski) Bartoli, Alexandra Covaleski, Olivia Osborne, and Harley Leblanc! Congrats to everyone who has won!

All of the desktop calendars are free and available in a range of sizes with and without the calendar! Visit https://www.smashingmagazine.com/…/desktop-wallpaper-calen…/ to download the wallpapers!

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