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I have finished the third piece in my fly fishing series. This piece is important because it pictures tying on a new fly. This part of fly fishing is routine. You must what many call, “match the hatch”. If you want any chance of catching a trout, finding the correct flies to cast is essential. Looking in the river for what flies are present is not a step to be skipped. If you are casting a random fly into the stream, your chances of catching a trout drop.

This can also be frustrating when you continue to tie on the proper flies and bring in zero fish. Although quite aggravating at certain times, it is important to keep your composure and be patient, or you will make mistakes. Sometimes you will catch a trout on the first cast, the last cast, or more often than not… none at all.


I decided to choose this particular pose because I found my brother’s face cannot be seen. It is inferred that he is dialed in on tying up a new rig and determined to catch a trout. I had also debated whether to add in a reference of a background, but it would take away from the main point of the series; the focus on the fisherman through his journey to catch a fish.

In this particular situation, we were fishing for several hours, with only a few bites, but no trout were brought in. Other fly fishermen passing by had the same bad luck. Despite this, we continued to fish with hopes to hook a trout.

The next drawing will picture him in action with a trout on the line.

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