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Europe Rant

Schools here in Italy are not always student friendly. Or maybe the European students don’t procrastinate as much as American students and get their work done early? Well when you spend a lot of time at school it is always nice to grab a snack or drink from the vending machine. No such luck here at SACI. Instead, you have to go to the little Cafe across the street and then they tempt you with all that good pastries and sandwiches! Pure evil I say!

Here is a photo one of my favorite lunch spots. I spelled the name wrong last post it isn’t Narbone it is Nerbone. Hey Sue, (Editor) who would have thought I spelled something wrong?! Anyways-great food here! The long line stinks but it is worth it. This is midterm week so with being sick and trying to study it was an interesting week for me. Oh, also, I got another Bucket item done, but even better, I got to see an opera singer at the museum singing. How crazy is that?!

SACI Class Update

Black & White Photography
Actually stress relief. I just got to go and make prints in the darkroom, it is what I love. I did find a scanner so eventually I will get some prints scanned and show them either here or on my Instagram account @TyMahPhotography

Digital Multimedia
Missed the critique due to the teacher kicking my sick pathetic body out of class, but he rescheduled the critique and made it a workday. The teachers here are really on a different level.



Baroque and Italian Art History
Midterm essay on Caravaggio, minimum 6 pages. Good thing I love his story. I remember him because my very first semester at Marywood, my drawing professor, Mark Weber, sat us in a little circle like kindergarten, and read us the story from his book on Caravaggio.

Group project on making a music video and editing, editing, and more editing!

Color Photography
More shooting of the Arno river.

Oh! Congrats on some of my friends inducted into my Art Honor Society back at Marywood! Miss you guys!

Weekly quote~

The artist and the photographer seek the mysteries and the adventure of experience in nature.― Ansel Adams

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