Mock Portfolio Reviews

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about getting ready for my junior portfolio review. Well, it snowed on the day of our scheduled reviews so now I have my portfolio review this week instead. This gave me some time to touch up some things in my portfolio and also allowed me to participate in the mock portfolio review that our CMYKlub had last week.

Our CMYKlub is a graphic design club that we have at Marywood. For one of our activities this semester we had a portfolio review night to talk about our portfolios with each other, give advice to younger classes (freshmen and sophomores), and have a mock panel to practice talking about our work. It was a great night for our club to bond; I both got to help other people work on their portfolios and also got advise on my own. Although this is my third review, being a junior, I still was glad for the practice showing and talking about my work to others. It also helped me to see things that I may want to change or re-organize. I was so grateful for the help and also to have fun with my fellow graphic designers.

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