Lackawanna Arts Fest

Over the past few years, Lackawanna county has developed a greater appreciation for the arts. With local shows happening throughout the county in both music and visual arts, it’s inspiring to see the city of Scranton encouraging creative people of all kinds to share their work and their passions. This feeds the artist’s soul, and sometimes we want to be involved, but maybe we don’t know how or we think it’s too much work, or we’re uncomfortable making the first move.

If any of these ideas are the case with you then ScrantonMade Arts On the Square is the perfect opportunity to get your name and artwork out there. Lackawanna Arts Fest has been founded to showcase artists within the area. This is the sixth year that the event will be taking place and includes approximately 150 vendors who work in all mediums from jewelry making, sculpting, painting, drawing, etc.

The atmosphere is laid back with live music, food and interactive art, which is perfect for showcasing your talent publicly without any pressure. The weekend will be busy with people of all backgrounds since Friday will be the monthly First Friday show and in addition, the Scranton jazz festival will be going on Sunday. Below are details about the event as well as how to submit a vendor application.


When: Saturday, August 4th, 2018
Time: 12-8pm
Where: Historic Courthouse Square in downtown Scranton

Lackawanna Arts Fest!How to apply:

The vendor applications are open until Tuesday May 1st at midnight

Attached is a direct link to the application that allows you to fill out your personal information and asks specifics such as what you would be interesting in selling, with whom, and under what type of vending spot

If you are interested in learning more information, visit !

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