Studies in Relief

Hello everyone! My name is Kira, this is my FIRST blog post and I am super excited! I’ll be talking about the printmaking show “Studies in Relief: Exploring Woodcut and Raised Printing” in the Maslow Collection.

This awesome exhibition features primarily woodcuts and relief prints and it was put together by Peter Hoffer, one of the printmaking professors. Woodcuts are some of the earliest forms of printmaking, and it is still used today. I’m in Basic Printmaking this semester, and wood carving was one of my favorite projects we did. Even though carving against the wood grain can be extremely difficult to do, and one slip-up could cause an accident or even an injury, which, yes, has happened to me (always carve away from your body!). The texture the wood produces is unique and can really work to your advantage to create a one of a kind print.

Roy Lichtenstein, Susan Rothenberg, Jim Dine

Studies in Relief” showcases some great work by Roy Lichtenstein, Susan Rothenberg, Jim Dine, and a few other great printmakers. One of my favorite pieces in this collection has to be Jim Dine’s “Kindergarten Robes”. It is the same print printed side by side in different colors, and it has absolutely beautiful texture caused by the wood. It is also a huge print, so standing in front of it and seeing all of the texture and detail is really amazing. If you would like to see one of the oldest forms of printmaking and see how it is still alive and well today, come visit the Maslow Study Gallery in the Shields Center for Visual Arts!

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