Light Ends!

Goodbye Rant

The end of the semester at Marywood is almost over and with the end of the semester so ends my weekly photography posts on this blog. I am being put out to pasture! LOL, not really, just its time for some fresh blood. As I look back and reflect in my search for the light in photography, I can see how much I have grown into a true Light Jedi! I want to thank Sue Jenkins, our blog editor, for the opportunity and all the new friendships I have made because of this blog. Marywood is truly a family environment. I am not done with school; I have one more year left so I will see everyone there next fall!

Or you can continue to see all my work at or on Instagram as Ty_Mah_Photography

I leave you with a few of my all time favorite shots I have taken.

P.S.  Don’t I get like a gold watch and a parade? And still waiting for my bonus money for signing up for this blog!

Weekly quote~

“I’m in a great profession where I can shoot people and cut peoples heads off and not get in trouble!” ~ Ty Mah

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