Can you believe it? 52 weeks have gone by! It is time for me to sign off as your Where Creativity Works Graphic Design blogger. Although it is tough to say goodbye, it is amazing to be able to look back at how much I’ve grown as a designer in just one year! It has been so fun to share my journey with you all from being a sophomore, to being abroad, being a junior, and now being a senior!

I think blogging helped me as a student by not only having a weekly structure of working, but also by giving me a voice. It gave me a lot of confidence as a designer to be able to share what I was working on or thinking about! Putting my creative thoughts and endeavors into words was an experience that gave me better perspective of my work.

I would definitely recommend blogging to other students! I loved seeing all of our posts come together each week to create a community of art students. Keeping up with what the others students were up to each week was cool too because we are all so busy that we often don’t get to see each other. This has been an awesome experience for me and I want to thank you all for reading! Hopefully one day we can catch up if I am a guest blogger or student spotlight (I love that new category check it out.)

Don’t be too sad because the blogging goes on! I am excited for you all to hear another Marywood voice from Samantha with new perspectives and experiences. I hope everyone has a great Summer! So next week we will welcome Samantha into our WCW Blogging community!

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