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Europe Rant

I have been Italy for going on 3 months now and for most part I get treated like I am a local. I get shocked looks when I speak English and they say, “oh you are American?” With that being said, it is full tourist season here and vendors and scam artist are all out looking to make money. So I hate when these men approach me from mostly from Kenya saying they want to be my friend and give me a trinket or a token of friendship. Sounds great but once you accept there are a few things they do; now that you are friends they want money! Or worse, they will tell you that if you don’t give them money they will scream and say you robbed them of it. I laugh when they come up to me and I tell them I have been here for a few months to go find another mark. I think I could make a photography project out of that. I might try it. So I have been doing a lot of street photography lately so here are some of my shots around Florence.

Here are some performers gathering crowds.

SACI Class Update

Black & White Photography
Actually finished my final project. Now I’m just refining and playing around in the dark room.

Color Documentary Photography
EDITING is complete! Editing taxes my soul! I love to just let photographs live and not be all Photoshopped.

Digital Multimedia
Shooting a stop-motion project for my final, calling it The Body of Firenze!

More shooting of our documentary. It is coming along great but there is so much footage to go through!

Art History
Research paper finished! Thanks to Meaghan who laughed at my grammar but ended up helping me edit it. No clue why things have to be all scholarly-like?

Weekly quote~

“In a strict sense photography can never be abstract, for the camera is incapable of synthetic integration.” ) ~ Ansel Adams

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