The Magic of Coloring Books

Recently when I was shopping at Marshalls I came across a display of a variety of adult coloring books. I wasn’t expecting to see coloring books at Marshalls and especially for cheaper prices. Since the price was reasonable I just had to take a look at them. A lot of the coloring books contained animals, different patterns, flowers, typography, puzzles, quotes, and such.

While I was browsing, I came across a specific coloring book called “The Time Chamber” by Daria Song. It’s not only a coloring book but it’s also set up like a children’s book. The story is about a fairy who lives inside a cuckoo clock and one day she decided to explore outside her home. Inside, the narrative of the story is typed out on some of the pages along with beautiful illustrations of the fairy and her magical discoveries. I really love anything that has to do with fairies, magic, and other mythical creatures, so I ended up purchasing this coloring book. Even though I didn’t draw the illustrations myself I still think it will be fun to color them and just make them my own because as a little girl I went through a lot of coloring books. Coloring is definitely a type of therapy for some people including myself and I can’t wait to start coloring this one!

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