Lots of Painting!

This week in my Green Piece class we were shown a bird laying on a piece of wood with a grid in the background. We were all to take a photo of the bird’s head and draw it how natural history illustrators would have done. We all drew a grid on our drawing paper and made the general outline of the bird in ink which we could of done with a bird’s feather. Then after that was the application of watercolor and then small details with ink. I really liked doing this, I feel like I could of done better if I did it in acrylic or charcoal but I still like the way it turned out.

I also went painting with my family from New York this weekend. We went to the usual place that I went to over the summer, Country Home Learning and Art Center. My mom and I were excited to go since we haven’t been there in about a month. My mom painted a gourd bowl, my aunt painted a dragon, my god brother painted a set of pumpkin, and I painted a peacock. I loved the way my peacock turned out especially the eyes. My family was really happy with the way there stuff turned out but upset they have to wait a couple of weeks to see the finished product when there glazed and fired.

The owner had a lot of new pieces to paint and even started a glass making class. My mom and I are excited to take a class sometime and make necklaces or bowls. If I could I would go everyday and paint something new.

This upcoming week I have two exams for my Modern Art class and my Green Piece class. I am a bit stressed because of all of the art I need to remember and the art movements they are associated with. I had two history classes last semester so I have a routine for studying the images. The only thing that worries me is how the test is set up. I never had these teachers before and every teacher teaches and tests differently so I don’t know how well I will do for the first test. Other then that I have had tests in my business classes and I have done well. Being an art administration major I take art history classes along with business classes. This semester has been good so far!

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