SketchBox: October

Have you ever wanted to try a different medium, but didn’t know where to start? Art supplies tend to be very expensive and sometimes a price or lack of knowledge of a medium can keep you from new mediums. SketchBox is a great way to try a few different mediums with its easy access and empowerment to artists. It’s a great gift for artists who want to explore outside of their comfort medium.


It’s a great gift for artists who want to explore outside of their comfort medium.

Each box contains a SketchBox sticker, 4-6 art supplies, a card describing each item, and a card of the featured artist for that month which usually contains a short biography of the artist and the artist’s work on the back. Another interesting thing about this subscription box is that on the box, there is the art work of another artist. Each artist on the outside of the box is chosen when an artist uses the materials from the previous box and posts it on social media with the tag #SketchBox.


This month, the featured artist was Nedko Chulev. The supplies in the box were mostly ink pens which is the featured artist’s favorite medium. In every box there is a different story which is interesting to read about each artist. If the work of the artist interests you, you can find them on social media usually on their instagram or facebook page. The box contained Winsor & Newton Ink, Copic Fine Nib Inkling Pens, a Princeton mini-detailer brush, a Zebra Double Ended Brush Pen, and Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen Set.

I have yet to use the calligraphy pens and ink from the box, but I’m excited to experiment with them. Previous boxes I received as a gift contained a variety of items I had never heard of before I received the subscription box or materials I had been interested in trying. From artist’s leads to PanPastels and even brush pens, each box has something interesting in it.

If you don’t know what you want for your birthday and need ideas, or you need an idea for an artist friend or family member, or even as a gift for yourself each month, SketchBox is a great option. It’s a fun subscription box for any artist interested in trying something new. For more information, the SketchBox website is a good place to look.

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