Minors Make a Big Difference

I am excited to start this semester. I have a lot of fun projects and classes. This semester I have Packaging Design, Design and Illustrative Photography, Business Design & Production, Advanced Graphic Design, Small Business and Entrepreneurship, and Legal Environment of Business.

Having two classes in my minor is a lot of fun! I tell everyone to try to have a minor. My reasoning is that it’s nice to get away from your major for a little. It even sparks new ideas for your graphic design projects. For me, minoring in business management, has led me to some great creations.

When I walk into business classes I stick out, but it really doesn’t bother me. I get nervous at first because I might not know the lingo or the breaking news of the business world, but I adjust and love what it has to offer to me.

Through my business minor, I learned a lot that I already put into use. Designers and Business people view advertising and company aspects a lot differently. Designers tend to view it as art, and inspirational. Business people focus on how to get the attention through words and feelings.

There’s been times that I have already put what I learned from Business classes into my freelance works. Some customers have amazing ideas but no artistic ability. It can be easier for customers to talk in business terms rather than artistic terms.

All in all, I recommend a major. In anything at all! Gain as much knowledge as you can through your college career. Most importantly work to meet new people and professors. A connection can go a long way.


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