Studio Art Demos

Throughout this semester, I am in a few graduate art therapy courses. One of these courses is Studio in Art Therapy. In art therapy, there are many opportunities where group studio is an option. This group setting can work with a lot of different populations such as geriatrics, at-risk adolescents, young kids, and/or hospital patients. The plan for  this course is to expand everyone’s knowledge on different materials that could be used in a group setting and how to use them in a variety of ways for directives.

One aspect of this course is something that I have never experienced before and that I am really excited for! Each student in the class is required and scheduled to present a new art technique through the semester. This presentation is only a quick demo to show the rest of the class how the technique is used and what you can create with it! To start of the semester, the class created fun prints only using water-based markers, foam pieces, paper, sponges, and water! The process may take a few attempts or just the way you like it with one try! The materials for this project can be found cheap in the store which is a HUGE bonus. Who doesn’t love a cheap art project?! The problem I ran into was with colors running, but that was all learned throughout the process of the printmaking. Here is a quick demo found on YouTube that was very similar to the one we all did in class.

Not only can this be used as an art therapy directive, but even a fun project with your kids or younger siblings/family members. I am sure these creations would look great on the refrigerator!

Featured Image: [my print of an arrow!]

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