Your Own Creations

Now that I am moved into school and classes have started, I feel ready to take on my sophomore year. I’m excited to learn more about graphic design and continue working for The Wood Word, Marywood University’s news source (which you can sign up for here!).

While I’m so excited for this school year, one thing I (and many others) need to remember is to focus on yourself a little bit. There will always be homework and assignments and other things you need to worry about. But it’s always important to work on things for yourself.

Working on your own projects, even if they’re just little doodles on the side, will help you develop your own style. It will also help you to create pieces for your portfolio. Working on your own art can also be a stress reliever. It’s nice to focus on something outside of classes.

Although I wasn’t too busy or stressed after my first week of classes, I still took some time this weekend to work on something outside of class. I made signs for my friend and her roommate at school.

I can’t wait to continue working on my own projects while learning new things at school. This year is going to be so much fun, I can’t wait!

Featured Image by garageband on Pixabay

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