My 2nd Semester

As of May 8, 2020, I wrapped up my first year of college! From being on campus to switching to online, as an art major, I can say that this has been the most unique experience of my life.

This semester I opted to take as many art classes as I could, and for me this was the ultimate creative experience, despite some of the obstacles that came up.

I didn’t know about all the classes that Marywood had to offer since I didn’t pick my schedule for the first semester.  I opted to take Basic Printmaking, Painting, 3D Design, and two electives to try and to balance out my learning intake.  With each of these classes I learned and relearned so many great ways to successfully create art. Working towards being an art therapist, is such an intriguing process. In all three art classes, in some way, I learned therapeutic applications with different media. 

In my Printmaking class, I made around 50+ successful prints in a number of ways.  Of course, we talked about linocut prints, woodblock prints, and screen printing, but, I learned ways to engage clientele in a safe engaging way through methods like mono-printing and relief printing with safe materials. 

In my Painting class, I learned the importance of using new mediums that I wasn’t familiar with and how the learning curve is a therapeutic process.  

Last but not least,  for the first time in years I created 3 dimensional objects as a way of expressing myself. In the class, we created sculptures and freestanding pieces, from local material, that turned into unidentifiable objects. This taught me the energy a piece can have, and how something can speak levels without physically seeming like much.

These 3 classes alone, helped me think in a unique- open way that I haven’t previously.  Because of this first year in general, I am not only a significantly better artist, but, I am more creative with problem-solving in my own work.  I learned how to use the experience that I had before these past two semesters, to build a greater understanding for art and my own creative process. 

These photos are works from my Painting, Printmaking, and 3-Dimensional Design classes:

“Feelin”, Linocut, 2020

Self Portrait, Oil Painting, 2020
Exploration of Shapes and Form

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