Taking a Nature Walk

Because of the beautiful weather lately I have been spending a lot of time outside! (but actually not too much because you know… allergies.) I live in a more rural area of Pennsylvania so there are many opportunities to get some fresh air and really take in all that is around us! As a photographer, and a person who really loves nature, it really is a treat to live here!

Here are two of the critters that I found on my nature walk! We have been finding a lot of toads around lately, here is just one of them. He lives underneath our back porch. He was so huge! I think that it is so interesting to see little creatures up close. I can’t imagine being so tiny and making my way through our gigantic world.

I also visited my grandparents house as well! Which gave me the opportunity to take even more photos. I saw all types of flowers, including ones that were smaller than a penny and others that were quite massive.

These photos were all taken on an overcast day which I really love for photos. It wasn’t too hot out, and cloudy days tend to create softer shadows in photos. Taking photos at different times of the day can also effect the way that your photos turn out as well!

I was also so fascinated by all the different colors in the plants that I saw. All of the plants were green, but never the same green. I think that It is so cool that something that is so natural produces colors so vivid.

After these two nature walks I decided to do a simple little artwork of one of the flowers that I saw! The flower featured below is called a “Forget-Me-Not”. I’ll definitely be out again soon when the next batch of flowers begin to bloom in our area. I did a quick drawing from one of the photos that I took, but it is even better to draw from what you see in life!

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