The Spring Finale

Hello everybody! I’m excited to show you guys the last project I had this semester. This was a very strange and difficult I believe for everybody at Marywood but I am proud of how much I have developed my skills since January.

Now to get into the project! This is a simple website for our Graphic Design II class that was supposed to introduce us to web design by making an homage page to an artist we admire. This is done through Dreamweaver and was meant to be really simple just to get adjusted to the program. Now personally, I am not a fan of Dreamweaver but I feel as though this was a good way to refresh my knowledge of coding as I had done web design back in high school.

I chose to make a website dedicated to Sargent as he is my absolute favorite artist, so the passion was there and my prior knowledge of Sargent would also help make this project easier for me and let me focus more on learn how to code again. I wanted to project this Victorian feeling that I personally get from seeing his work and so using a simple black was going to help keep the focus on the artwork and give it some formality. I feel as though just showing the general screenshots would suffice as it is a small website so here it, the final project of the semester!

While I do accept that there could be more work put into it, I am happy to end the semester off this way! I am expecting to do more web design in the fall so stay tuned for that!

Since the semester is officially over now, I am transitioning back to doing fine arts for the next couple months in my free time. I’ll be showing you guys my projects and this will also mean a return of the sketch of the week so I hope you are all excited to see next week’s work!

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