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Now that spring has finally sprung, I am feeling happier and excited! I am not one for cold weather so this time of year always puts me in a better mood! Because of this vast and beautiful weather change, I had to do some rearranging in my room, starting with my window. I had to put the fan back in because my room gets quite uncomfortably toasty. I also changed my curtains to a more sheer material so more natural light would be able to make its way through. Waking up to the morning sun shining in is probably one of the greater pleasures in life. The sun’s warmth and light brings much joy into my life and inspires me greatly! Thus bringing me to a new painting experiment.

I am painting my window. I guess you could say my beloved Vincent Van Gogh inspired me as well. He created a painting titled, “The Artists Bedroom in Arles”.  In this painting, Van Gogh focused in on the idea of tranquility and  simplicity, which brings me to my window. I see it as this peaceful and calming spot in my room. My window is the only window in my room, so I cherish it greatly.

As I always mention, this painting is a work in progress. This is only a beginning to what I hope to be something beautiful and tranquil. I take my time and put much effort into my paintings. I have my general concept and ideas but those are always enhanced and changed along the way!

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