New Club Alert!

Hello Marywood students, there’s a new club at Marywood that’s got your name written all over it: it’s the new Art History Club!

Our very own blogger, Kaitlin, is the club’s president and creator. She aims to show that art history is fun and get more students involved with art history!

Meetings take place every other Tuesday in the Shield Center for Visual Arts from 7-8pm.

I went to the previous meeting and it was fun! We talked about prehistoric art, and then we even made our own “cave art”!

IMG_2282We were each given a piece of newsprint, a piece of charcoal, and a colorful pastel, and then the lights were turned off to represent the darkness of a cave. We then worked for a little bit on our masterpieces.

Honestly, this meeting was so much fun, I can’t wait to go back!

If you’re interested in joining, contact Kaitlin @

Stay connected with the club:
Instagram: @ arthistorymu
Twitter: @ MarywoodArtHist

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