If you’ve read my past blog posts you know I embroider as an art form and little side hobby. I make patches which are quite in style at the moment (I was making them before they were cool, ha!) Anyways when I started making them I showed them to my friends and they all wanted one and since then these have been my best sellers.

I thought I’d share some on how I make them. I obviously, start with the design. I embroider whatever I’d like the patch to say or symbolize then I take it out the hoop. Most of the time I iron it at this point so there’s no wrinkles or creases. Then I use Heat n Bond: Fusible Interfacing, which I iron on to the back of the patch making the back side smooth. Next, I use Heat n Bond: Ultrahold, which is a double sided adhesive, allowing the patch to be ironed on if one so chooses. That’s all for the ironing portion in creation. Now I have my patch with its backing and I go around the edges with a Fray Check so that when I cut the extra fabric off, which is the next step, my stitches stay in place. Once all of that is done I finally have my patch which I can now peel of the paper backing and presto! I’m done.

It’s a quick process after the embroidery design is finished but doing some designs can take what feels like forever. I enjoy doing them in my spare time anyways. I plan to sell them on my Etsy, which I’m almost finished setting up!

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