Providence Pregnancy Center Event

Hello Everyone! This week I attended an event hosted by the Providence Pregnancy Center in Scranton. This organization exists to support pregnant women and their children by providing resources to empower women throughout pregnancy and motherhood.

Photo of a dining hall at an event

The event this Friday focused on the arts of music and dancing, featuring Gerri Featherby, John Oclese, and The Brown Initiative. So much talent was showcased, and something that caught my eye was a guitar up for raffle by Magdon Music.

This guitar, with only four strings, has a body completely made up of a cigar box. Incredibly, it also has a pickup and the wiring necessary to make this an electric cigar box, so that you can hook it up to an amplifier and play it loud enough to bother your neighbors! For a good cause of course. 🙂

That’s all for me this week, I encourage you to look at the website for the Providence Pregnancy center and consider assisting in their beautiful mission. See you all next time!

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