Time passes, life happens, things become exciting, and things become stressful. What I have realized throughout this process called life, is that we very easily lose track of our art, our creativity; well at least I do. I can imagine the feeling is similar for anyone who has ever loved something, or felt the need to express themselves. It is forever a part of us, but sometimes it decides to take a bit of a vacation. Packing its bags with no intention of looking back. During my “creative drought” I really didn’t know what to do. I questioned my place as an artist; did I even deserve that title anymore, if I wasn’t actually creating? I truly didn’t know. I still felt it though, the desire to get out what I had swirling in my head, or to just throw paint on a canvas as an act of freedom. But I just…couldn’t. The moment never came. That “yes!” feeling wouldn’t show up no matter how hard I begged for it.

Sitting with this strange absence for a few weeks I started to become comfortable with the fact that maybe my creativity was just…gone. I would do what I could to inspire others and help them to produce great art, but I guess my time was over. It wasn’t until recently that I had a few moments to myself that the thought hit me. “I really should get back to that embroidery piece I was working on.” Months ago I really took to embroidery and bringing my sketches to life with colored thread and a lot of patience. But as time seemed to fly out the door I never really got the opportunity back to sit and work. Throughout this “drought” I was never struck with the thought that maybe I should get back to a project, I didn’t even seem to have the desire…until that moment. So, I got up and went quickly to get my supplies; muslin, an embroidery circle, a needle and some thread. Opening my sketchbook next to me I just fell back into it. Like my drive never left. I was surrounded by such a feeling of calm fulfillment that I realized, maybe I needed this. I needed the time away to understand that this happens. I am no less of an artist if I don’t work every day. I may work once a month or once a year, but none the less I am working, I am expressing, and I am loving every second of it.

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