On top of working all week, fighting a cold, and attending a few family functions, I unfortunately did not have much time for painting. Although I have been keeping up on drawing in my sketchbook with any free time I did have. I love drawing and I think it is really important to draw at least once a day, even if its just a 5-minute gesture drawing. I tend to draw people, animals, spaces, and objects I find interesting.

I also focus a lot on drawing studies of other artists works. My sketchbook contains some notes on artists I am interested in or discovering. I don’t make trips to New York as often as I should so I subscribed to a guy who records and comments on gallery showings in the city. His name is James Kalm and his YouTube channel was recommended to me by one of my professors here at Marywood. We watched a few of his videos in my painting class one day and I was hooked. Nothing is better than going to a gallery and seeing a painting up close and personal but when you can’t go his videos are the next best thing. He also shares some of his own knowledge on the artist’s background and artwork. James Kalm is a great resource to keep up to date with the art world in New York. When I watch his videos I have my sketchbook out and ready to write down anything that may be important to look back on to apply to my own work.

Here are just a few drawings from my sketchbook this week…

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