Restoration & Conservation

Because we have extensive amounts of artworks throughout the world, there are art jobs that help preserve these works – specifically, people who work as fine art restorers/conservators. These individuals have one of the coolest jobs, in my opinion. Essentially, as stated before, they have the job of restoring art pieces to their most original state. Most restorers work in museums, though there are some who do freelance work.

Of course, in the art history field there has been some incidents were restoring works has ruined or created a difficult environment for art historians to analysis artworks. However, even with the risk of ruining some artworks, I think this career is significant for the art field. It tries to keep works as original as possible. Though this interferes with artists’ touch to their piece, it creates the allusion of what the artists wanted to achieve in the first place.

On, I found an amazing video of Julian Baumgartner, a fine art conservator in Chicago, restoring a self portrait of Emma Gaggiotti Richards created by an Italian painter who was favored by Queen Victoria.

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