Start of the Semester

Fall is here once again but this fall is my last here at Marywood! I will be graduating in the spring and I can’t be more excited but yet I am not prepared for any of it.

Coming back to school meant I had to find another internship to complete my last requirement for my arts administration major. Right now I have an interview in the next couple of weeks at ArtWorks in downtown Scranton. It’s a small gallery that does a lot for the community with classes and workshops for kids and kids with mental disabilities. I am really hoping I get this internship but if not I will just have to keep looking!

The first couple of weeks at school are already flying by and I’m getting into a routine. The only thing is missing is my work study at the galleries. Hopefully that will make it into my schedule in the next few weeks!

Other then that, I’m ready to graduate and start on my life outside of school.

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