The Everhart Museum Zine Library

The Everhart Museum of natural history, science and art is a little gem of the Scranton area tucked away near Nay Aug park. I’ve never really paid it much attention because of its close proximity I prematurely assumed its inadequacy. Over the last few months however,  I have found myself visiting it whenever I get a chance or have time to spare when I’m near the Nay Aug area. Besides for the beautiful building itself, the museum has much to offer within its archives, currently displayed exhibits, and community events. After recently checking for up and coming art exhibits I’ve come across the announcement of a new addition to their museum that you and any other artist within the area can have the opportunity to take part in. The construction of a Zine library is underway and the Everhart is calling all writers, poets, illustrators, graphic designers and other types of visual artists to submit work. According to their social media pages, the Zine library will be a collection of various artists’ zines, small publications, and chapbooks allowing artists from all over the community to discover explore and engage. The submissions must be received by the Everhart by October 1st in order for the staff to have time to include them in the opening celebration at Community Day on November 10th. If that deadline seems impossible with back to school and busy schedules, they will be accepting submissions after the deadline whenever you may find the time.

For questions or to submit a piece for consideration you need to contact Zine Librarian, Melanie Roast by sending her an email at If email isn’t your thing, than contact them during business hours via phone at 570-346-7186.

Being able to share your art while simultaneously exploring others creativeness and giving a piece of yourself to the community in an institution such as the Everhart Museum is both an honor and an accomplishment. Seriously consider! Leave a piece of yourself behind and gain a piece of others in the process.




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