Student Spotlight: Dolymarie Mercado

Name: Dolymarie MercadoIMG_2476

Major: Art Therapy

Minor: Not yet! Considering sculpture


Graduation year: 2021

Why are you majoring in art? I really got into art late in the game. Like, when I was younger, I drew here and there, but never thought I’d make any profession out of it. In elementary school, I was in an after school art club, which was fun and all! Took all the art classes cause I had to in middle school. It wasn’t until I watched my best friend Kim draw on literally anything (who mind you, would doodle on the back of every chemistry paper she’d get back in assignments lol). It wasn’t until it clicked that maybe I could do that as well because I really did like the therapeutic properties that art has (as well as how cool would it be to be really good at drawing things!! It’s like having a superpower lol), and so I did. I’d initially make these really crappy drawings and I’d show her. Regardless of what it looked like, she’d say it was really good. At first I thought she would say that to not put me down as much. It wasn’t until I realized that in order to really get into art, you need someone who supports you regardless of what it initially looks like right from the beginning. That’s kind of how I found myself wanting to major in art therapy, not necessarily for the psychology behind it (though it’s pretty interesting too!), but to be there for someone who can use art as a way to put how they feel into one physical thing and call it their own, regardless of artistic background. (And have fun with it!).

What inspires you? In my art, I try and find aspects of interests within myself, as well as family and friends. I guess the real inspiration comes from them and the tremendous amount of support to keep doing what I’m doing!!

(But regarding influences, what I find to be a real influence in my art is pop culture, music, and television (mostly YouTube lol)).

What has been your favorite class so far? Art class: three dimensional design with Nikki Moser.

Coolest thing you’ve done here at Marywood? I feel like anything’s cool when you have friends to do it with!! I can’t really pinpoint a specific moment, but many of the coolest things I’ve done was with the company of friends on campus!!

What will you do when you graduate? I have no idea…I haven’t thought that far ahead lol.But I do know I want to help adolescent kids and teens in any place that’ll have me I guess lol.

Why would recommend the art program? Sometimes the work feels very tedious and can feel very pointless and that it’s not teaching you anything.. what really makes me recommend the art program is the bond you tend to have with the people around you.. as well as the feedback that many of them can prescribe to you.. many of my favorite teachers back in High school were my art teachers (as well as chem!!). They just tend to be the greatest people you learn to love. The same goes to most of the teachers at Marywood in the art department.. Many of them are there to help you!!


Interested in learning more about Art Therapy?

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