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Ivy in a sunflower field

My name is Ivy D’Agostino and I’ll be taking over the Art History blogger role here on Where Creativity Works! I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. The basics you need to know: I love sunflowers, sunsets, and talking about art!

I’m just finishing my first year at Marywood and next semester I will begin my new path as a major in Art History and Arts Administration. I came to Marywood expecting to leave with a BS of Psychology, and the prospect of graduating with an arts degree was actually something that scared me a little bit! However, the history of art has always been something fascinating to me, and after calling my mom practically every day telling her about the things I learned in class, I decided to take the jump and change my major! It has already been the best decision ever and I am so happy to be completely immersed in studying something I love.

As for what you can expect to see from me, I’m very interested in religious art, as my own faith is important to me, but I also enjoy discussing art that caused a scene when it was made! It’s interesting to see how the world reacts to art, and I’m excited to share some of these reactions with you!!

I’m also starting my blogging journey from a stay-at-home order, so you can expect to see some posts from me about books I’ve been reading about art. Reading is a favorite pastime of mine, and reading about art makes it even more of an enjoyable activity. I also have been redecorating my bedroom, and you’ll never guess what beautiful prints I found in my basement to hang up!

I’m so excited to start sharing my passion for art history with you all! 

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