Sketching in Metal: Part 2

As I move forward with my jewelry projects this semester, I’ve been doing a lot of research into how I can diversify my designs. This results in a lot of reworking the same pieces over and over again and coming up with better solutions to common problems.

For example, my unfinished brooch from my Sketching in Metal post needed another point of contact with the plaster form in order to keep it in place. While searching through pictures of different configurations of pin stems, I noticed that many of them utilize metal tubing. I liked the look of the tubing itself, and decided to use it as a decorative element on the back of the piece to hold a moveable wire that could be opened or closed to secure or release the plaster from the brooch.

Another problem I’m working out is using alternative materials. Though plaster is the medium I am using for my thesis work, it is very fragile when being constantly manipulated into a metal frame- the pieces are powdery and scratch easily. I learned how to make a plaster mold for porcelain last week, and am anxiously waiting for it to dry so I can remake my forms in a more durable material that is more practical for use in jewelry.

Featured Image: Jill Sibio, 2018

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