Stoppages Sculpture

These past two weeks I have been working on a project for my Sculpture class. The assignment was inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s piece the 3 Standard Stoppages. We had to create our own stoppages by dropping a string multiple times until we came up with 3 we wanted to work with. The sculpture also had to be created by using found objects.

I had cut one piece of wood that was laying in my studio from last semester into 2 pieces using one of my stoppages. I also wanted to cut and shape a piece of wire to recreate another one of my stoppages. The wire defies gravity by holding its place in the air only connected to the wood at one end. It interested me to see how I could enhance that with suspending the string below it to represent the force of gravity on itself. I ended up having to add another piece of found wood that was taller on one end so that the string would just barely touch the wire above it. I wanted the negative space to also be an interesting part of this sculpture.

The string is actually a piece of ribbon that I found and dropped multiple times in the beginning to create the original stoppages. The blue paint on the wood became and interesting combination with the vibrant orange of the ribbon. Even the black writing on the found piece of wood becomes important to the color composition.  The most interesting part to me is that I created this sculpture with the same elements I use to make a painting. I hope to keep making sculptures after this class is over.

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