Stuck in Technology

In my second Photoshop class, we spent the last half of the semester learning how to make composites. Composites are pieces of different photos that are put together to form one whole photo. We had to learn how to make the composite look realistic, as in the scene had to look like it was photographed in real time. There are many different details that we had to pay attention to in order to make this realistic scene. We had to understand how light works with the shadows in the scene, make sure that if there were people that they had the same saturation and contrast as the background, and know the correct size of what the objects or people should be. I would share how to correct these flaws, but I’m sure it would be very confusing without actually showing you how.

During the process of these composites, our professor let us create our own composites. They could have been anything that we wanted, realistic or not. So instead of just taking people from other photographs and putting them all onto one background, I decided that I was going to do a more unrealistic composite. My idea was to take a few people and put them into some of the technology that we have today. In my composite, I used a desktop computer, a laptop, and a phone. I put one person in each of these devices, but with the phone I added more meaning by putting a picture of the girl who was holding the phone into her own phone.

This composite I had the idea that everyone is using technology today whether it be a phone or computer. If those sources were taken away from us I believe that we wouldn’t know how to connect to the world. That’s why technology keeps pulling us in deeper and deeper until one day we may not even have to get out of our beds to do the simple things of everyday life. We are slowly disappearing into our phones and computers, always wanting to know what is happening on social media. I believe that we will forever be stuck in technology.


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