Summer Design Series – Concert Poster Design


In my last two blog posts (here and here), I’ve written about little design projects I’ve given myself over the summer. For this last one in my Summer Design Series, I figured I’d wrap it up with a fun poster project that I’ll print out and put in my new bedroom at school!

About Poster Design

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve seen so many videos of people using features in Adobe Photoshop to create cool effects for a variety of poster designs. I was super indecisive about what I wanted the subject of my poster to be, but I eventually decided on a music theme. I spent some time scrolling through Instagram to get inspiration from my favorite artists and their photos, and eventually decided on creating a concert poster for Charlie Puth’s tour, “The ‘CHARLIE’ Live Experience.” I had seen Charlie in concert earlier in the summer, and wanted to make this poster unique to my show and the North American leg of the tour. Creating an aesthetic that matched the colors of my bedroom decorations while keeping a similar style to Charlie’s promo pieces was fun, and definitely made me pay attention to details, whether it was the typeface, blend modes, or textures used.

The Process and Final Products

I began gathering images of Charlie, his heading text, the tour dates, and other doodles from his album cover as design elements and organized them in a folder. The background was what I spent the most time trying to “perfect,” especially because my laptop felt like it was getting ready for takeoff every time I added a different “Liquify” and “Noise” effect! I’ve also seen across different social media that putting a slight texture in a poster is trending right now, especially a folded or wrinkled paper texture. I lowered the opacity and adjusted the blend modes for effect, decided on a rounded rectangle border, and the background was done! After that, my design was mainly based on making a collage with the design elements and framing them on a somewhat asymmetrical layout with the pictures around the text box in the middle.

Although the Fall semester is fast approaching, I’m still hoping to create two more similarly-designed posters to put in my new room! I had a lot of fun playing around with the seemingly endless Adobe Photoshop capabilities, and highly recommend experimenting with the programs, whether you have a creative direction or not!

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