Repurposing Old Art

Hello dear readers!

Lately, I’ve been on a roll with trying to visit my unfinished art, taking breaks in between, and working on new ones. I suppose it is just one of those spurge of motivation- either way, not complaining! It is pretty rare that I even find the inspiration to paint during summer breaks. I have been enjoying creating so much lately. In fact, I am currently working on four different artworks at the same time! Yeah, I love overworking myself, but at the same time, it lets me take a break from one and work on another until I find the excitement to work on it again. That doesn’t mean I only work on motivation, though! (well, maybe…) But I believe it is essential to work on discipline since relying on only a creative mood and the right moment can leave you on an artist’s block. Since I did mention last time I was working on my old cat portraits, I would like to update you that I did indeed finish it! I feel rather accomplished and willing to trust myself more in completing tasks. Therefore, I’m now redoing another of my old pieces.

As you can tell, this was a master study of Michelangelo’s well-known, Creation of Adam. I was initially doing it for my AP Art class back in high school and had given its meaning behind my thought process by sticking a picture of the hand and painting the other. But after looking back at it really felt incomplete, so I ripped off the image on a whim. I’m glad I did so instead of keeping the art as something I wasn’t very proud of. I painted a flower- specifically the spider lily since I liked one of its symbolism regarding the final goodbye and the passing of something. The painting then somehow created a personal meaning as I continued working on it. I can gladly say that it feels more precious and better to look at in artistic and aesthetic ways.

This painting now hangs on at Adezzo, a cozy local coffee shop in downtown Scranton, and will be up until the end of this month. It makes me pleased that I could give a new meaning to art I almost threw away. For now, this might be the last reworking of the old art, as I am working on the newer art piece. Including one for Coffee Month- which reminds me- Happy national coffee month!

Thank you for reading!

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