Hey everybody, this week I wanted to talk about an art exhibit at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas that is showcasing the work of renowned filmmaker and artist, Tim Burton. His whimsical style and personality is evident in all his works and the exhibit runs from October 15th of this year to February 15 2020.

Very similar to Edward Gorey’s goth style, his outrageously weird characters will be shown on display in the open spaces of the Neon Museum. Vegas News’s website wrote that, “Created to take advantage of the museum’s unique open-air exhibition spaces, the large-scale installation works will be integrated with the museum’s collection. Burton intends for the exhibition to serve as a retrospective of his own creative history, as well as a celebration of his affection for the Neon Museum. Conceived as a collaboration with the museum, it will be genuinely site-specific and unlike any other exhibition Burton has ever staged”.

This is a very exciting exhibition and for those who love watching his movies, including myself, the larger than life instillation would be an absolute privilege to see in person. You can read the full article as well as a short biography of Burton here . Have a great extended weekend, everyone!

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