Time Lapse 

While my Metamorphosis project is still in need of more work, it’s time to move on to another piece. The butterflies are not colored in as much as I would like them to be so I wanted to wait to show the finished result. This past week in Sculpture II I finished another project that took a couple of months to complete. I showed a little of what the project was in The Bronze Experience, when I cast tree branches and used them to hold together an hour glass that I made.

I got to work with glass like I had wanted to when I wrote about it in Glass Attempt. This time, instead of making a sand mold, I used flame working to create an hour glass shape that really works. It didn’t turn out like I wanted to because it was more difficult than I expected. I went with the morphed shape of the glass to create something different and beautifully imperfect. Using what I’ve learned from all of my classes and a lot of help from teachers, I made a piece that I feel is one of my best yet. I feel confident about this piece because it is functional. Each side is equal to a minute, give or take a second.

This semester I got to really have fun with experimenting with different mediums in my sculpture class. I got to make things that I didn’t think I could before and I can’t wait to write about what’s next.

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