For the second time this semester, I’ve been given the opportunity to work with a group of adults of different abilities. During the first experimental this semester with this group, we worked on the fall mural. Our latest experiential was something quite the opposite. For this exercise we decided to do a weaving directive. One of the many wonderful things about weaving is the repetition of it, by creating the repetitive pattern the client is able to fully immerse themselves in the task and get into a state of mindfulness. This population also benefits from the motor skills and dexterity aspects of weaving. Through using the loom, they are able to exercise their fine motor skills and step out of their comfort zone. 

What makes weaving such a great activity for this population is the repetition and how easily adaptable it is. If someone struggles with fine motor skills we could give them a loom with greater distances between the strings, or a loom that was a different shape that was easier to hold. Most of the looms were made of cardboard, which makes this project very economic, the only thing you have to buy is yarn, which can be purchased for quite cheap. For my client I made her a loom with lots of space under the strings that allowed her to easily move her hands in between the threads. We worked together to keep the pattern consistent as well as adding smaller things, such as beads. Her final product showed a lot of creativity and risk taking, which translated into her resilience as a human being.

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